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Show Your Home Some Love

Think back to the time you first saw your house. Something about the space resonated with you and you could see yourself calling it home. The question is “Do you still feel the same way?” Homes provide us a safe place to relax, share meals, and rest. This Valentines’ Day show your home some love! Here are a few ideas.

First, pay attention to your home. Next time you pull up to your house, take a good look at it. If you don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling, ask yourself why not? Is there anything you can do about it? Curb appeal isn’t just for your neighbors, it’s for you! A few planters, a pretty door or a seasonal wreath may be all you need to create that welcome home feeling. If you need ideas, click here.

I believe, a kitchen as the heart of a home. How can you give your kitchen some love? Start with making sure all your appliances work and are clean. Add some flowers to lift the energy of the space and show gratitude.

The other area in your home you spend a substantial amount of time is your bedroom. I hope you love your bedspread, curtains, wall color and furnishings. If not, why not? Tuck yourself in at night in a room that creates a calm, cozy and safe feeling.

Feng Shui Expert, Carole Hyder says it best in her book Conversation with Your Home. “We live in our homes and they live in us.” Your space reflects your life. What is it showing you? I’m sure you can come up with many ways to love on your home. These are just a few ideas. For those of you that can’t find much you love about your home, refer to my blog “Tired of the same old thing?”

This Valentine’s Day, do yourself and your home a favor and spread some love! If you need help loving your home, I would be honored to assist you! I offer over-the-phone and in-person private Feng Shui consultations! Click here to learn more and mention this blog for a special offer!


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