The Energy of Spring

Tired? Bored? Ready to do something different? Every season brings a unique energy. Spring is a great time to channel your entrepreneurial spirit and start something new. There's so much we can learn from mother nature, the master of balance. Where winter is a time for rest and reflection, spring energy is all about new beginnings and growth. The buds on the trees and flowers breaking through the earth reveal a season of newness. As we take our cues from nature, we can capitalize on this energy and use it to our advantage. I like to think of spring as "Go Time."

Here are some fun and easy feng shui tips to try today!

· Add a healthy plant to your desk area to encourage creativity, growth or start a new project.

· Change up your own energy by wearing brighter colors.

· Add a bowl of lemons to your kitchen table for energy and good health.

· Deep clean something personal, such as your closet, vehicle, or desk drawer.

· Windows represent your vision, so take time to mindfully clean them.

· Add fresh flowers to your space (inside and/or outside). Be sure to discard them once they are no longer thriving.

At your personal feng shui consultation, I will show you how to incorporate your life intentions (i.e. finding a new job, improving your relationship, or creating less stress) into your space. It's fun, insightful, and perfect for everyone. Are you ready? Contact me to see what's right for you.