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Tired of the same old thing?

If something's going to change, something has to change. Every once in a while, I do this thing around the house that drives my husband nuts. I move things. Little things, like pictures, candles, vases or pillows. He tells my son, "Don't move, or she'll move you too. She's in her zone!" I can't believe I am the only one that does this. Occasionally it revolves around decorating for the upcoming holiday, but sometimes it just feels like it is time for a change. I know my space reflects my life, so if my space needs a change, my life probably does too. I stir it up and start rearranging furniture or take down decorations I’m tired of. If I come home tired, drained and overwhelmed I take a closer look at my space. If you aren't sure where to start, in one of the following areas:

  • Office

  • Master Bedroom

  • Living Room

  • Entryway or Mudroom

However, a caution you. Before you make such changes, consider your intentions in life. Looking for peace and quiet? Create spaces that are calming, clutter free with lower lighting. Wish you could go with the flow? Consider rearranging your living room to create better flow of energy.

This is where feng shui goes deeper than just decluttering.

There are nine areas of your life that are mirrored in your space: Wealth, Health, Relationships, Family, Fame and Reputation, Children and Creativity, Career, Knowledge, and Helpful People. What if you knew you were shifting the energy of your career area by rearranging your office? Feng shui is fun, powerful, and empowering. It’s time to make these areas in your space work with you, not against you. I’ll show you how! Book your in-person or virtual feng shui consultation BEFORE you Spring clean.

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