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Michele Heisler

Master Feng Shui Consultant and Professional Coach

Michele’s work ethic, innate curiosity and ‘explorer’s drive’ toward new ideas and insights has made her one of the most uniquely qualified Feng Shui Consultants in the region.


Formal Education & Training

₪   Feng Shui Certified Consultant/Master Level, Wind & Water School of Feng Shui

₪   Certified Professional Coach, Fowler Wainwright International Institute

₪   Masters Degree - Education for Deaf/Hard of Hearing, University of Minnesota

₪   Bachelor of Arts - Sociology, University of Minnesota


From an interest in Sociology (study of groups, cultures and how we interact), to proficiency with American Sign Language (communication built upon symbols, actions, non-verbal cues), to her extensive experience as a Certified Professional Coach (guiding clients to identify and progress toward aspirations), Michele has – through study, training and practice – received Master Level Certification in Feng Shui (the art and science of understanding and uniquely modifying the flow of energy within a home to best support and inspire all who live there -- a home’s energy impacts emotions, relationships, family, life)


At Michele’s core, she is a teacher, a trainer, and a leader. She thrives on others’ success – whether as a Mary Kay Sales Director, a public school educator, or a community networking organizer. Michele’s unique insights and abilities have been honed by the experience she carries forward.  From the study of world cultures and groups, to experience among classrooms and professional teams, to her passion and life’s work – a focus on YOU.


Past and Present Professional Associations

₪   International Feng Shui Guild

₪   Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest 

₪   International Association of Coaches

₪   International Coaches Guild

₪   Professional Women’s Network St. Croix Valley

₪   Hudson Chamber of Congress, LEADS Networking Group

₪   Former Mary Kay Sales Director 

(awarded 3 cars in recognition of earnings, growth and team success against goals)

“I want people to wake up each day with joy and a sense of possibility. I love helping clients create a home and a life that supports who they truly are. Everyone needs to experience that!”
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