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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

This month we are reflecting on mirrors. Sorry for the pun! In feng shui, mirrors represent the water element, both reflective. When changing the energy of a room, a mirror can be placed in a specific area with a specific purpose. It may assist in seeing behind you or create the feeling of a larger space. The size, shape, and placement of a mirror creates its own energy. Without knowing, you may have placed a mirror above a fireplace simply because it felt good. This an example of how to use two elements together (fire and water) to create balance. No wonder it feels right.

Most of us grew up believing if you broke a mirror you were doomed for 7 years of bad luck. In feng shui, it’s considered a good thing when a mirror breaks. Think about what a mirror sees and how the images, emotions, and moments are embedded into it. Once the mirror can no longer hold that energy, the mirror breaks. It releases the energy and things can start to shift. I’ve had clients break a mirror on purpose after learning this. (Please be careful if you do this.)

Speaking of reflections. How was your day? How did last week go? Was the last year a struggle for you or your best one yet?

“The more reflective you are, the more effective you are”

Pete Hall and Alisa Simoral

When I explain to others their space reflects their life, they start to look around the room, rather than look inward. It may seem easier to change the color of a room, rather than change an attitude or opinion that doesn’t serve you. When your surroundings match your intention there is harmony and balance.

I believe life mirrors for you what you need to see in yourself. This is not a popular opinion most of the time. When your energy is going to an unfair situation, it’s hard to look at life and think “where am I being unfair to myself?” Much of life is out of our control, but there is a lot we can control. Where you put your mirror and what you see in the mirror are equally important. These are the gifts in reflecting. Lessons that can make us bitter or be better. I encourage you this month to take a closer look.

My goal is always to provide ideas to uplift and empower others, so today I am sharing some writing or thinking prompts helpful in reflecting. Keep in mind reflections change.

  1. What is this situation teaching me?

  2. How could I look at the situation differently?

  3. What about the situation do I have control over and what don’t I have control over?

  4. How is my attitude or my thoughts serving me in this situation? How is it hurting me?

  5. What could I do differently now or later that would make my life better in this situation?

Reflecting charges emotion, both positively and negatively, depending on the situation. But after you’ve reflected, then what? What do you do with it? My hope is that it empowers you to be a better person. To give yourself and others grace. Remind yourself that nothing stays the same. Energy is always moving and where and how you use your mirrors matters.


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