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What is the Bagua?

Feng Shui may be hard for people to pronounce correctly but learning to apply the principles can actually be very simple. Don’t let the name intimidate you.

The translation of Feng Shui is Wind and Water, the “flow” elements. Think of Feng Shui as the flow of energy in your space. Simple, right? The purpose is to create balance and harmony for the optimal flow of energy in your space.

As you begin to learn more about Feng Shui, you discover the many tools used to analyze and evaluate the energy of a space. The primary tool I use in all my consultations is the Bagua.

The Bagua

The Bagua has evolved over thousands of years and is rich in history and uses. In Chinese, the Bagua translates to “eight-sided" with the center representing the balance of all aspects of your health (life), in mind, body, and spirit.

Think of the Bagua as an energetic map of nine areas of your life that can be applied to your space.

  • Relationships

  • Fame and Reputation

  • Family

  • Children and Creativity

  • Helpful People

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Knowledge

  • Career


Typically the Bagua is oriented by the front door (main entrance to a room), but since our homes are not always perfect squares with one entrance in every room, the layout and environment of your home can affect how it is applied. Therefore, having a professional consultant apply the Bagua is very beneficial.

Don’t let this stop you from playing around with the concept and learning more. Start by applying the Bagua to your bedroom, which commonly is square with one main entrance and thus easier to apply.

The Bagua + Intentions

During my consultations, I prefer to focus on applying the Bagua in conjunction with your personal intentions to the main floor of the home where most life activity occurs.


If you are feeling stuck in your career, we would take a closer look at the career area of your home and consider if any adjustments to your space would be appropriate to assist in creating a movement to support your intentions.

Keep in mind, everything is energy and your space reflects your life.

For someone feeling stuck in their career, it would not surprise me to find closet doors that are hard to open or a piece of furniture blocking the flow of energy. As a consultant, I look for the story that is playing out in your space and assist you in seeing the correlation it has with your situation.


Another way to use the Bagua is to add the corresponding color of an area to stimulate or strengthen the energy.


You might paint your front door black if it was in the career area of your home. Black is the color associated with the career area of the Bagua. Every area has a color associated with it.

  • Relationships - Pink

  • Fame and Reputation - Red

  • Family - Green

  • Children and Creativity - White

  • Helpful People - Gray

  • Health - Yellow

  • Wealth - Purple

  • Knowledge - Blue

  • Career - Black

I love teaching my clients many ways to use the Bagua as well as other tools. It’s fun and empowering. If your curious and want to learn more, I encourage you to consider a personal Feng Shui consultation or attend a Feng Shui workshop.


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