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Adding Harmony to Your Holidays!

Wrapping paper, tape and all the extra trimmings start to take over a space. The holidays can add clutter to your home quickly. However, it is also what makes this time of year merry and bright. So, here are a few quick tips to bring harmony to your holidays.

  • Diffusers, candles, or simmering spices can transport you from shopping chaos to blissful balance. Try cinnamon, cloves, or peppermint to fill the air with the scents of the season.

  • Take time to play your favorite music. Notice how this changes your mood.

  • Use the china! We use 20% of what we own - 80% of the time. Break out dishes or stemware you love. They look good in the cabinet, but great on the table.

  • Pay attention to lighting. Dim the lights to create a calm and cozy atmosphere.

  • Giving plants, beverages, or food are ways to share the holiday cheer without cluttering loved one’s spaces. Bird feeder treats are a fun idea and will attract beauty and nature.

  • Appreciate your space by keeping it clean and tidy. This, more than anything, can bring harmony to any home.

Have yourself a harmonious and happy holiday!

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