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Have you seen the Chevy commercial about naming cars and trucks? They say, “When you love something, you name it.” They are referring to names such as "The Green Bomb" or "Betty," not "F150." What a great commercial we can all relate to. What do you call yours? When it comes to giving things a personal name, why should we stop there? What else can we name? By attaching a name to a thing, you shift the energy of it almost instantly. Be careful though, as once you name it, you claim it. It takes on a deeper meaning and a stronger attachment. It might be harder to sell "The Green Bomb" down the road. But don’t let this scare you. I think there are times when naming something is very beneficial. It's a way to build a relationship, take you back to a special memory, or connect with others. Many children name a special blanket or stuffed animal. No harm in that. I know a boy who named his baseball bat "Jo Jo" and personally, we call our home "Charlie." Lots of people have named their cars, and Chevy knew that people would relate to their commercial. Keep in mind, things carry energy, a feeling or a story. The World Series made out well with this concept. They sold "World Series Sand" from the field at $60/bottle. Want some? Sorry, they sold out! Chevy was right. “When you love something, you name it.” So, if you haven't named your car or truck yet, what are you waiting for?

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