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Client Testimonials

I value relations with all my clients. Some come for personal coaching, others come for Feng Shui advice, but all leave with a renewed sense of empowerment.

“Michele’s spot on insights into my family, our needs, and my frustration with ‘home’, plus her in depth knowledge and authentic passion for Feng Shui has resulted in a complete transformation of the home we’ve been in for 20+ years! Michele was able to look past what was (uhg!) to what could be. Today, we have a fresh new start as a family. We feel like we’ve moved – into our old home anew!”


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"Michele sees the home through unique eyes. She doesn’t separate the home from the person. It’s not about how the home looks (like a designer’s approach), it’s about how the home feels, and how I feel when I’m at home. It’s been an amazing experience. Call Michele!"


Misty Forest Reflection

"Without Michele’s assistance, Healing Waters Health Center would not be where it is today. She advised me from the beginning and it’s been the best move I ever made. We’ve grown 74% in 3 months in a challenging economy. Michele’s dedication to Healing Waters and our goals has been outstanding. Who wouldn't be excited about that."


Orange Blossom

"I have been working with Michele for more than 4 years on a regular basis. Throughout those years her coaching has helped me keep my life balanced, my business successful –and- she coached me through loss and separation. Michele's way of coaching is nonjudgmental, supportive, she helps you uncover your full potential in life – sometimes that’s a potential you never knew existed. I will continue working with her as it makes me a happier human being and more aware of life."


“Michele Heisler has captivated the key organizational points and motivation to move my business forward. Her ingenuity and sparkling attitude uplift any business in the right direction especially during these economic times. She is a necessary ingredient in your business' success!"


"When I met Michele, I was facing a very difficult time in my personal life. Michele listened to me in confidence and trust and offered support, guidance and tools to help guide me to a better place and reminded me to look for the gifts within situations. Michele offers unique insight. She is one of the most positive inspiring people I know."


Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 3.43.23 PM.png

“I can't say it enough.....I love her. She takes all the business tasks that are difficult or time consuming for me, and makes them easy to complete. Even the most daunting task she can make fun. When we are working together she not only listens to me, but more importantly, she 'hears' me. Michele is energetic, creative, well organized, and fun. She wraps that into a complete package with professionalism. I actually look forward to working with her on my 'bug list.'"


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