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I offer home consultations, space clearing, and home buying and selling advice to increase harmony and attract relaxation, prosperity, and positivity into your environment.


Feng Shui


Personalized consultations provide a closer look at how your space and your life mirror each other. Upon entering a space an energy can be sensed from those occupying it, which could be positive, negative or even neutral. We’ve all experienced this when we first step into a home or business.


A personalized consultation implements Feng Shui principles to empower you and help you understand how the placement of a couch, color of a room, or layout of our space is impacting your life.




This service is used to remove the negative energy of a space and attract positive energy that supports you and your intentions. It is an ancient practice used in many cultures and religions throughout history and is still used today. This is different than getting rid of clutter. The following is a list of common reasons to clear a space.

  • Moving into a new space

  • After an illness

  • After an argument

  • Divorce or break-up

  • After having company

  • Before or after major life changes or ventures

  • Feeling in a rut 




Before buying or selling a home get the advice of a Feng Shui expert!

A lot of time, energy and emotions go into listing a home or looking for a home. Simplify the process with Feng Shui. Feng Shui can assist in attracting the perfect buyer, or home.

You’ll learn how to use elements to balance a home’s energy to feel comfortable and inviting. Discover what features to look for to avoid negativity influences as well as features that support abundance and balance.

This service may include a floor plan or lot assessment, space clearing, house blessing, or remedies to create a warm, welcoming feeling.

Featured Product

Space Clearing
Space Clearing Kit

If you need to dispel negative energy and bring in positive energy, check out the Rainbow Tree Therapies space cleaning products. 

Clearing Kit Special

Includes sage bundle and essential oils mist 


$20 (Regular $25)

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“Michele’s spot on insights into my family, our needs, and my frustration with ‘home’, plus her in depth knowledge and authentic passion for Feng Shui has resulted in a complete transformation of the home we’ve been in for 20+ years! Michele was able to look past what was (uhg!) to what could be. Today, we have a fresh new start as a family. We feel like we’ve moved – into our old home anew!”

~ Ellen W.

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