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What you need to know about sound.

There I was, just taking a nice relaxing bath when all of the sudden my house erupted with noise. It started in my son's room and then some similar shouting came from the living room. Really? There went my peace and quiet. Twins player, Byron Buxton, hit an inside the park homerun that was called back and only given a double. You would have thought the house was on fire. Sports are kind of a big thing in my home, especially baseball and my two fans were not a fan of this call. I'm sure the neighbors heard them!

As I laid in the tub, I was just contemplating what I should write about this month and nothing was coming to me. I had to giggle when after I was brought out of my deeply relaxed state by loud noises, it seemed obvious, sound was a good topic.

In Feng Shui we refer to sound a lot. It's one of those obvious factors that change the energy of a space. Sound can be a good thing, like when we are setting the mood for a party or relaxing to the windchime on the porch. Sound can also be a negative thing, such as trying to sell a house next to a highway or fire station.

In my previous blog, "Creating Quieter Lives Though Quieter Spaces." I refer nine ways to find more silence in your space with less distraction. (Click here to read.) The focus in that article is more on visual noise. Here, I am referring to noise you hear with your ears. My parents used to live next to some train tracks. The trains would blow their whistle a few times a day as they came through town. Often my parents didn't even hear it anymore. They were so used to it. Me? It would wake me from a sound sleep!

So, what do you need to know about sound? I think it's something to consider when creating the atmosphere you are looking for. Here is a list of things that may be positively or negatively affecting you. Adjust as you see fit, as noise is a personal thing. You may have experienced this with more people at home over the past few months. Some people are less tolerant of noisy environments while others thrive in them.

  1. Consider TV or background music. Some people want a TV on in the background all day. Think of how this is affecting your mood. You could do the same with music. These noises can be distracting, make you nervous or lift you up. Check in and see if any adjustments could be made.

  2. Water can be a soothing sound for many. Consider a small water fountain in your home or on a deck to create a calming atmosphere.

  3. Turn on or off phone notifications. "Ding, you have mail' can be great if you are waiting for a big sale. Or it can be distracting if it's constantly going off when you are trying to focus on something or someone. Consider controlling your phone notifications for a more comfortable and productive environment.

  4. Do you like your doorbell? Not everyone does. It's good Feng Shui to have one that works, but if you are disturbed by the sound, consider other options.

  5. Fan speed or continuously running. Many people need a fan or white noise to sleep well at night. Adjust a fan to suit your needs.

These are just a few examples to consider. There are many. Sound "calls in" energy. It gets our attention. It can get on our nerves or take us to a new level. It's a little thing that can be adjusted and I encourage you to listen up! At your Feng Shui consultation I will show you how to use sound to call in a new job, relationship, or whatever you are manifesting. Don't worry if you don't care for wind chimes or bells. There are lots of ways to play with sound. Contact me here to learn more. Can't wait to hear from you! No pun intended.


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