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The Gifts You Give Yourself

When my son was in Elementary school there was a teacher who would say “That filled my bucket, thank you!” whenever there was an act of kindness or expression of gratitude. The thought of carrying around a bucket we fill and give from is a simple idea we can all wrap our heads around. How many of you are running on an empty bucket? When our bucket is full, it’s easy to share kindness, to express gratitude or give a compliment. So the question is “how do you fill your bucket?

When we give from an empty bucket there may be an undertone of resentment, bitterness, or anger. Who wants that? What I have found is that it doesn’t take much to fill most people’s buckets. Here are some simple presents you can give yourself this month to fill your bucket and be ready to give with joy, gratitude, and kindness. How would this change your holidays?

1. Make a date with someone who you love being with. Put a date on the schedule you are looking forward to. Be sure to select someone that fills your bucket and you know you will go home feeling recharged. These dates tend to keep us in the present moment as well, taking a break from the day to day grind.

2. Set some boundaries. Don’t say yes to everything if it’s going to stress you out. Decide what is realistic for you and what you can truly do with joy and give yourself the gift of saying “no thank you.” When we do this, we give others permission to do the same and yes, it can be done with tact and grace. Speak your truth with love.

3. Stop multitasking. Not going to lie, this one is hard for me. Try eating a meal without doing anything else, like checking your phone or driving! Being mindful and thankful for your meal can help with digestion, assist you in making healthier choices and keep you from overeating.

4. Move your chi’! Get your energy moving with yoga, stretching, or the gym. Take time to honor your body and the gifts it offers. Focus on what is working, rather than what’s not. If it fills your bucket to do this with a buddy, by all means, go for it!

5. Give yourself the gift of silence. Try riding in your car without the radio on or spend a quiet night with a good book rather than the TV. Constant noise can create stress so take some

time to refuel in quiet.

6. Clean something personal, like your wallet, purse or vanity. Recently I reorganized my sock drawer and now every time I open it there is this little “ahh” feeling. It fills my bucket just being able to quickly find the socks I need. And, it’s pretty now! Click here to watch the famous Marie Kondo on how to organize your sock drawer.

7. Go outside. There are gifts just waiting to fill your bucket out there. Fresh air, crisp morning walks, peaceful trees, and meandering rivers. Remember, it doesn’t have to be for an hour. Sometimes I find myself sitting on my front steps for 5 minutes, just to take a break and fill my bucket. The world can wait for 5 minutes.

8. Fill YOUR bag first. Yep, buy yourself something first, then finish your shopping list. Treat yourself to something you love. For some, it might be a mocha latte before the big shopping day. How would a new robe or pajamas feel? It sounds like a great present to give yourself.

9. The best gift you can give yourself though is to let go of expectations. Give without expecting something in return. Invite others and let go of who can’t make it. Don’t take everything personally. Let go of hidden agendas or expectations of words or actions. Just be. When we don’t expect anything we can’t be disappointed! Then, pay attention to what IS working. Look for the gifts, the “yes’s” and the smiles. When your bucket is full your eyes are like a camera lens that focuses on the good, leaving the not-so-good fuzzy in the background.

I wish you all the chance to fill your bucket with presents for you! Remember, it doesn’t take much. If you need some help with ideas, be sure to check out my Facebook page or find me on Instagram. And for my fellow Pinterest lovers, be sure to take a peek at my Christmas Decor board!

Still feeling stressed about the upcoming holidays and out of town guests? Give me a call and we can work together to create a calm, inviting and harmonious atmosphere in your home. This surely will fill your bucket!

P.S. A Feng Shui home consultation makes an excellent gift for yourself or others!

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