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Our Attachments

Who, what, and where we attach ourselves says a lot about what matters most in our lives. Today I challenge you to consider if your attachments are serving you well. Do they align with your intentions? A quick look at the following list can provide you insight into your own attachments.

  1. What THINGS are you attached to? What could you live without? Can you manage all you have? Do your attachments make your life better or cause anxiety and stress? Consider attachments to houses, clothes, vehicles, collections, or keepsakes.

  2. WHO are you attached to? Are you surrounding yourself with like-minded, loving people? Do they lift you up, or bring you down? If you could attach yourself to someone new, who would it be and why?

  3. What PLACES do you feel attached to? Are you attached to your neighborhood, town, or college? Do you want to move or stay where you are? The last year has brought a lot of insight into the places we spend our time.

  4. Consider your attachments to thoughts, ideas, or stories? These can be the hardest to reflect on. Perhaps it is time to tell a different story.

  5. Lastly, what attachments do you have to TRADITIONS? Is it time for new traditions? Are you ready to change some traditions? How are you contributing to continuing a tradition?

A lot to think about, right? My wish is that our attachments represent our best selves. This is a common topic discussed during a life coaching session and feng shui consultation. Creating an intentional life starts with understanding ourselves first. Contact me if you want to go further with this exercise. I would be honored to be a part of your journey.



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