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Making Room

Trying to make room for things in your life? Wishing you had more time see friends, catch up on work or simply relax? Or are you trying to make room in your home for working out, reading or a new hobby? Keep in mind, your space reflects your life. Therefore, making room in our space can assist you in making room in your life. Here are nine tips to consider when it’s time for a change.

1) Know what is important to you. Eliminate distractions such as items, relationships, or thoughts that don’t align with your current desires and goals.

2) Recognize there is a flow to everything. Sometimes things are moving faster than you are comfortable, or perhaps slower than you would like. Instead of resisting the pace, how could you befriend it?

3) Consider taking a closer look. What story are you telling yourself or others? Does this serve you? You create your story. Share the one you want it can be.

4) Keep it simple. Start with small changes, if big changes overwhelm you.

5) Be realistic. Consider what works best for you. You and your situation are unique.

6) Stop comparing. What is the distraction costing you?

7) Say “No thank you” or “I’m sorry, but not right now” and politely decline opportunities. Again, have discernment.

8) Trust your intuition. Are you listening to your gut or are you listening to everyone else? Make room in your head for your own thoughts and stop asking everyone else their opinion. You know what is best for you.

9) Stay focused on the outcome. Visualize what it will feel like, look like and sound like when you make room for your desires. What you think about, you bring about, so be mindful.

Here’s to making room for all you desire! May it reflect the beauty that is inside you.

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