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Let's Talk Color!

When we built our home, I wanted a RED front door. It's an auspicious color and one of my favorites, but I'm ready for a change. Can you relate? Maybe you have a room that doesn't excite you anymore. Do you find yourself bringing home paint samples? Who knew picking out a shade of paint could be so much work?

Color plays a major factor when it comes to energy. It's probably the easiest and most affordable way to create a unique feeling in a space, so I thought I would share three things to consider when making decisions about color.

  1. Do you love it? If red is not your favorite color, by all means, do not paint your front door red. Builders follow trends and are trying to appeal to many people, but you are unique and your home should be too.

  2. The shade of color matters. Deeper tones can feel cozier, so they are perfect for bedrooms or to make a large room with lots of windows feel warmer. Lighter tones tend to brighten a room. Combining darker with lighter shades will create a balance.

  3. Your personality matters. Prefer fresh, clean, and simple? You might choose white. For those nurturing types, you may find yourself drawn to earth tones. Like to have fun? Play with color and patterns, and changing it up often.

For those of you familiar with the Bagua or the Five Elements, refer to your charts to bring more of the energy you desire into your space. Use these same concepts when it comes to your wardrobe! Want to learn more? Contact me about a home or business feng shui consultation!


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