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Creating quieter lives through quieter spaces.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Could you benefit from some quiet time? Every home has its own volume. If your goal is to create peace and quiet, below are some recommendations you may want to try. Less stress, better health and clarity are just a few of the benefits of a quieter life, and a quieter home. The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

To create a space with less noise, we need to create a space with less distraction. Therefore, I have created a list of things to consider in your attempt to find more silence.

Remove everything on your refrigerator doors. Most people don’t even realize how distracting and noisy all the pictures, notes, etc. are. If all else, reduce the amount.

Reconsider your indoor plants. I’m not suggesting you get rid of them, but I am suggesting you only keep healthy and manageable plants. Repot plants with fresh dirt and appropriately sized pots so they are flourishing and increasing the vibration of your space. When things are no longer manageable, they rob you of your energy.

Rethink your magazine subscriptions. It doesn’t take long to create a stack of magazines. Keep one or two magazines you are reading and recycle the rest. Do the same with your mail. Keep only what is necessary.

Reduce electronic clutter with folders and unsubscribing. Limit your inbox to emails that need attending to. Clear virtual clutter (noise) by moving emails you want to save in designated folders or better yet, unsubscribe to duplicate or unnecessary emails. Reduce social media noise by paying attention to what you really want to be following. For more on "Social Media Unfollowing" read here.

Redesign your drop zone area. Most of us have a place where we drop the mail, keys, bags, etc. Look for ways to eliminate the noise (clutter) by finding organization tips that fit your style. For ideas on organizing, or rethinking your entryway, visit my Pinterest boards here.

Recognize there is a limit. Teach your children there is a limit to what we need. In fact, your children may teach you this lesson. When I cleared everything out of my son’s room to repaint it, to my surprise, as we started to move things back in, he said “No, mom, no more stuff!” He had a limit. Too much stuff, even toys and books can get overwhelming and noisy.

Re-organize closets and dressers with only what you need and love. Anything extra is noise. Ask yourself if you are living in the past? Think "keep the memories, let go of the (insert item here.)"

Redo a room with softer colors. Some paints and patterns are louder than others. Softer tones mean softer noise.

Remember the garage. This one is is top of my list right now. Feng Shui is a practice, and I am constantly adjusting our home to match our current desires. The garage is the next decluttering project on our home-improvement list. Don’t underestimate the power of pulling into a clean, well-organized garage.

Creating a quieter, calmer and more peaceful life starts with your space. Find your own ways to reduce noise/clutter/congestion in your home and see what a difference it can make.

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