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A Change of Pace

I don’t know about you, but this past month I needed a change of pace. I noticed it when I started to feel withdrawn from my office. Then, I had minimal inspiration in the kitchen to prepare meals. My family even pointed out to me I seemed less happy. I was seeking a quieter and more isolated space.

When it comes to emotions, I’m a firm believer in honoring where you are at and not fighting it. Gifts can be found in all experiences if you look for them. For me, I was missing my upbeat, social self, and decided it was time to stir things up.

With warmer weather and the chance to be outside, my office setting was shifting to our porch or deck. The convenience of my laptop made this an easy change of scenery. Watching mother nature change her own pace, gave me permission to do the same. I slowly and naturally began to make some changes.

Many of you are experiencing ups and downs. Much of your change of pace was unsolicited by a global pandemic. Staying positive and upbeat is as uncertain as to when and where you can go safely.

To stay mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy you can benefit from tuning in and determining if a change of pace may help. Sometimes you are stuck and don’t even know it, so I have made a list of twelve ideas I’ve personally used to shift my energy. Perhaps you will find one or two beneficial.

  1. Move your workspace. If possible, physically move your workspace for new inspiration. If you are restricted to your desk, try moving the items on the desk or adding something new such as fresh flowers or different pictures. New scenery offers a fresh look and encourages new ideas.

  2. Change your outfit. What you wear has a big impact on how you feel. This is an easy way to shake things up.

  3. Try new foods or recipes. Spring brings a natural shift in my grocery list. More grilling, fresh salads, and eating what is in season is a welcome change of pace.

  4. Make of list of places you want to go to. Yes, I said go. There are still plenty of places you can visit, but you might need to try harder. Start making a list and pick one or two places to explore each week.

  5. Get quiet. Give journaling, meditating, or prayer time a try. No matter your personality, allowing space to breathe, reflect, and be quiet has many mental and physical health benefits.

  6. Change your space or home. (You knew it was going to be on my list!) Paint a room or rearranging furniture or move! Almost all my current clients are buying, selling, or building a new home. Life doesn’t stay still. Move at your own pace.

  7. Shake up your schedule. Sleep in or get up early. Try eating or working out at different times. Stay up late or go to bed early. Listening to your body’s natural rhythms.

  8. Take a different route. Thanks to road construction, you may be forced to drive down some new roads. This is a fun way to rediscover your community.

  9. Talk to someone else. Call the same friends all the time? Reach out to someone you haven’t heard from for a while. By lifting their spirits, your own will be lifted. Reconnecting is good for the soul.

  10. Move your plants. Give your gardens a new look by moving your plants around. For indoor plants, give them new soil, a new pot, or move them to a different room.

  11. Re-organize your apps on your phone. Declutter while you are at it and free up some space by removing ones you never use.

  12. Experience a new hobby or learn something new. Check out my Pinterest boards here for inspiration. Want to explore Feng Shui? Very soon I am launching new webinars just for you. Check my website or follow me on these social media platforms so you won’t miss it when they are ready! Facebook here. Instagram here.

Just one more reminder that if something is going to change, something needs to change. Have fun with it and discover new insights, new rhythms, or new beginnings.


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