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7 Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen

Ask any realtor what buyers are looking for in a home and you can bet a great kitchen is at the top of the list. A lot of time is spent in kitchens, so naturally, it would be important. It’s the heart of the home. We gather in this space with loved ones, sharing meals and conversations. It’s where we prepare food to provide nourishment for ourselves and others. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at ways we can improve the energy of this space to optimize our health and wellbeing.

The following tips are not a complete list by any means. They are a good starting point for applying the principles of feng shui to your kitchen. After reading them, select one or two to apply in the upcoming weeks. It’s important to remember feng shui is a practice. Keep these ideas top of mind daily and work on them continually to maintain good energy.

1. Start with the obvious, cleaning. Take everything off your counters and wipe them down. Be mindful of what you put back on the counters. Try to limit what sits out by using cupboard space to store items. This creates a clean and calm environment. Continue cleaning the refrigerator, stove, and pantry.

2. Fix or repair anything not working, such as appliances. These broken items can drain your energy. Tighten knobs, drawer pulls or wobbly chairs. Don’t forget to replace burned-out light bulbs. While you are doing that, consider dusting the fixtures. This is one I often forget.

3. Set out fresh flowers. I love to have fresh flowers on the table all year. I like to add yellow to my bouquets as it is the color of health in the Bagua, a tool used in feng shui. Be sure to replace or discard the flowers after they begin to wilt, so your energy stays vibrant.

4. A common feng shui practice is to set out citrus for good luck and prosperity. Place 9 (9 is considered luckiest) lemons or oranges in a bowl to lift the energy of your kitchen and your life.

5. If there is a bathroom next to a kitchen, always keep the door closed. The bathroom is full of drains and kitchens and bathrooms have two different energies that are better kept separate. You don’t want the nutrients of your food going down the drain, or your health!

6. Put knives in drawers, not on the counter. I know they are handy to have on the counter, but they are aggressive and better off in a drawer. This is a common adjustment when people have a “sharp tongue” or arguing is common in the home. Create a softer environment and remove them from the counter. Enjoy the added workspace as well.

7. Eat at the kitchen table. Set the table and use it for what it is intended for. You may need to clear off work or schoolwork, but it will be worth it. Eating at your table encourages good communication, health, and abundance. Having an island in my own home, I find it easy to just want to sit there, but at least once or twice a week we move to the table and I am always glad we did. The food tastes better and the conversations are richer.

Show your kitchen how grateful you are for it this Thanksgiving. May it be filled with happy memories, delicious food, and good company. If you are alone this year, take the time to create something special for yourself. Add pictures of your family to the table and look forward to a time when we will all gather safely again.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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