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More to Think About When Decluttering

I fully support decluttering. Tidying Up Expert, Marie Kondo, is encouraging us all to organize our belongings and surround ourselves with things that spark joy. It sounds simple, but this is not always the case. Decluttering can really stir things up. It can cause anxiety, frustration, fear and physical pain.

“Clutter is a physical representation of our emotional and mental blocks, and once it is removed, change can happen fast. We ultimately manifest our life from our mental and emotional bodies. The removal of clutter literally frees those areas of our psyche like removing the wall of a dam to allow water to flow through once again.” - Trisha Morris, Author of Clutter Intervention

Before you go out and buy storage bins and a shredder, here are a few things I recommend around decluttering.

  1. Start small. Before you take on the whole storage unit, try one tub at a time. This can prevent you from feeling totally overwhelmed.

  2. Some areas are less emotional than others. Your sock drawer might not stir up feelings, but your photos may. Decluttering when you are tired, or angry may not be the best idea.

  3. Consider who you are saving things for. Set a limit on the amount of memorabilia you keep and go through it often to determine if you really need to keep it.

  4. Take a picture and create a photo book of memorable items rather than the actual items. You can journal and tell the story without dusting or storing so much!

  5. Consider how the clutter is blocking new energy from coming in. What is it preventing from coming into your life?

  6. What’s your time worth? The more stuff you have, the more time it takes to manage it.

  7. Enlist some help. Emotional support when going through more difficult areas of clutter is a good idea.

  8. Be realistic. Will you really fix it? Does the neighbor really want it? Release the to do list and move on.

  9. Realize you can always get it again. Try living without things for a while and see if you really miss it. If you do, get another one. Most likely you never will.

Clutter can be good memories or bad, but all clutter keeps us in the past and stops us from moving forward. One of the benefits of a Feng Shui consultation is learning to apply the Bagua, an energetic map of your space. This tool shows what area of your home represents your career, wealth, and more. Knowing a closet is in your wealth area can create new intentions in decluttering and organizing. Taking time to go deeper with your organizing and more meaningful with your decluttering can pay off in the long run!

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