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Don't Forget This List!

...and check it twice!

This time of year, there are a lot of lists. There’s the shopping list for the Christmas party. Perhaps a packing list as you prepare to travel. You may even have a Christmas gift list. Here’s one you may not have. It’s a “what can I get rid of?” list.

When my son was little, we had a rule. No new toys until some old toys went out. This happened twice a year, at Christmas and in July near his birthday. Every year we would go through his room and purge toys he had outgrown, broke, or were no longer interested in. Then we would donate the items, occasionally in person to a shelter where they went from his hands into the hands of another child. There were a lot of lessons in this and some I thought we could all be reminded of.

  • Give yourself the gift of limits. Decide how many ____(insert desired object here) you really need before putting more on your Christmas list.

  • There is more gift in giving than receiving. Pass on old games or clothes to someone who might be thrilled to receive them.

  • Clutter is not supporting you. The more you bring into your home, the more you must manage. Want to relieve stress? Get rid of things you no longer need, love or are broken. A couple trips to your favorite charity can be very therapeutic.

  • Everything has energy, so if things around you are bringing up negative thoughts or painful memories, move them out and replace them with new items that bring you joy.

Happy Holidays! May your to do lists be short and your blessings list be long.

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