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How do you handle change?

Car driving fast down a road.

Change is inevitable. There's no way to avoid it. So, how do you handle change? Do you get frustrated and upset, or are you accepting of change and willing to go with the flow? How you handle change has a lot to do with how you handle stress.

Imagine your life is a car. What would your car look like? Would it be beat up, old and tired? Maybe you feel like a stuffed semi or a wild convertible with the top down. You get the idea. Now, envision your car going down the road of life. How fast are you going? If life suddenly throws a curveball (i.e. detour) at you, how ready are you to change directions? Do you slow down or stop for a minute before you react?

The journey through life will have many twists and turns. If you are stressed out, here's a few ideas to assist you in a calmer ride. 1) Slow down! Take time to reflect. Know where you are headed. When you go along without a clear destination in mind you can become very distracted. Instead of being proactive and calm, you handle life being reactive, or frantic. Everything becomes a crisis and you start to spin out of control. 2) Wear a seat belt. What makes you feel secure in life? At least if you "hit a wall" you may not be thrown from car. Take time to use tools that help you feel strong and ready, such as meditation, prayer, walks in the park, time spent with friends, working out, eating well, etc. 3) Be ready to make a U-turn. Sometimes you have to humble ourselves and go back and try again. Who cares, you are human. If you didn't get it right the first time, turn around and give it another shot. 4) Take a look around. What cars are your friends in? Surround yourself with people who seem to steer themselves down a road you might like to go down. Isn't there a saying "we start to become like those we hang around?" 5) Get a map. Are you intentional about where you are headed? If you to feel stress, just drive fast down a road with no idea where you are going. I may not be an auto mechanic, but I am well trained to help you put your car back together and on the road you want to be on. You know where to find me.

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