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Where Should I Put This?

You've all done it. You found a new plant, or a piece of furniture you just had to have! Then, you stand in the room and think “Where should I put this?” The answer is not always obvious, but when applying the principles of Feng Shui, it can be easy to decide where it should go. Here are some guidelines I recommend.

Check the flow of the room. Image water flowing through the space. If a room is wide open, water would rush in. If the room is congested with many items or too much furniture, the flow may feel restricted or stop. Move furniture around until it feels like the flow is in alignment with the feeling you want in the room.

Are you in love with it? If you don’t love it anymore, try it in another room, or take them to a donation center. Moving a piece of furniture to a different space can give it new life. (Hint: Sometimes it just needs a new coat of paint!)

If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. Just because it worked in your last home, or your parent’s home, doesn’t mean it works in your current home. Stop trying to force things to work.

If something comes in, something might need to go out. If your home starts to feel cluttered, it may be that you keep bringing things into the home, but never take anything out. Let me remind you that your space reflects your life. If you are stressed and overwhelmed, this may hit close to home.

Still not sure where to put it? Consider a Feng Shui Home Consultation and learn how to divide your home into nine areas of life. When you know where your wealth area is, you may decide to put something of great value there, instead of the garbage can!

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