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Did you get my Text?

Last year in January I stated a simple (or so I thought) resolution. I was going to text less and call more. Well, that didn’t last long, maybe 2 weeks. Fast forward to January 2017 and my new year resolution, “text less and call more.” Some of you reading this are thinking “why?” and yet some of you already know why, because the following things have happened to you.

  • Have you ever sent a text only to have it not be received by the other person? (Waste of time and energy wondering why they haven’t responded.)

  • How about the text you sent meant for another person? (Ouch, that’s embarrassing!)

  • Perhaps you saw a text that wasn’t meant for you. (Tough decisions there.)

  • Hard to interpret texts without hearing the voice behind it. (What do you mean that’s not what you meant?”) Emoticons help, but they can be misinterpreted as well.

  • Auto-correct is not always your friend. (Although it can be entertaining at times.)

  • What’s up with this neck pain and headache? (There’s a name for that, it’s called “text neck”)

  • Are you texting someone or are you listening to the person in front of you? (Awkward.)

  • Easier to hide behind our phones and type things than say them in person (Maybe we shouldn’t be saying it at all!)

Now don’t get me wrong, I think there is a place for texting and I’m not running to Sprint to cancel my texting service. It's quick and efficient most the time to set up a play date for my son. It's great when the library notifies me when my book on reserve is in. And I love the convenience of a sending or receiving a great picture. However, I simply want to improve my relationships (the REAL resolution), and this is one simple and obvious way to do it. The fact of the matter is, communication without voice or visual has its challenges. If you are struggling in a relationship, or you want to make your relationships stronger, it might be solved with changing your mode of communication. We have more choices now than ever in how we want to communicate, but there’s one that tops them all and that’s in person. A phone call isn’t a bad second choice.

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