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There’s a challenge in finding just the right balance in a garden but using Feng Shui tools has made it easier. Here’s a few tips to help you create balance in your own garden. 1. Incorporate tall and short plants, as well as fat and skinny. Opposites keep us interest...

Navigating through communication modes with more clarity.

If something's going to change, something has to change. Every once in a while, I do this thing around the house that drives my husband nuts. I move things. Little things, like pictures, candles, vases or pillows. He tells my son, "Don't move, or she'll move you too. S...

Nine things to consider when decluttering you may not have thought of.

Wrapping paper, tape and all the extra trimmings start to take over a space. The holidays can add clutter to your home quickly.  However, it is also what makes this time of year merry and bright. So, here are a few quick tips to bring harmony to your holidays.

  • ...

This time of year is all about list making. Don't forget this list.

Coaching & Feng Shui are the perfect match when it comes to setting new intentions in life.

Restoring and repurposing furniture is a popular trend. You're at a garage sale, and buy a $10 dresser because you see it’s potential. Inspired by HGTV or Pinterest, you know you can transform it to a thing of beauty. Months later the dresser is still in the garage....

What's all the buzz about front doors? Front doors are considered the mouth of chi’ (energy,) and it is where opportunities find you. Think of it as your calling card.

You might be wondering “Is that why I’m supposed to paint my front door red?” The answer is both...

Some people are not plant people. If you see yourself as one of these people, would you reconsider plants? Think of the benefits they offer.

  1. Improve air quality

  2. Reduce stress

  3. Lower background noise

  4. Bring the outdoors inside

  5. Add rich col...

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